7 Tips for Starting Your Mobile Marketing Business

If you are just getting started with your mobile marketing business, you might find these tips helpful.

  1. Learn the basics of mobile marketing first. If you jump in without knowing some of the most basic requirements and regulations you could land yourself and your clients in hot water. I suggest reading the Mobile Marketing Association’s Best Practices document as your first step. A lot of it will be completely over your head the first time you read it. That’s OK. Do it anyway. Then come back to it later when you know more.

    You can also check out my Mobile Marketing QuickStart as a quick, easy, affordable way to get started in mobile marketing.

  2. Read case studies and examples of mobile marketing in action. It will help to see what other businesses are doing in the mobile space. It will also get your ideas flowing about what you can do with your business. I read MobileMarketer.com every day for this very reason. You can also “Like”  the Mobile Marketing Profits Facebook page. I share case studies and mobile marketing examples there all the time.
  3. Subscribe to as many text message campaigns as you can find. Use the mobile web frequently. You need to use this stuff in order to know how to sell it. If you don’t already have an unlimited data plan – get one now. Here’s your first chance:

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  4. Start determining what you want to offer to your customers: text messaging, mobile website development, mobile coupons on demand, mobile advertising, mobile marketing strategy or a combination of some of these. You will find that your ideas will flow best around a certain type of service. Start with that.
  5. Make a list of potential local business clients and brainstorm what you’d offer them. This will be so much easier if you are reading case studies and participating in mobile offers. Of course when you are ready to start acquiring clients you will not just walk in and tell them what you want to offer them, you will start first by seeing what their needs are and then show them how mobile can solve their problems.
  6. Find a vendor (or most likely several) who provide the technological backbone to what you’ll sell. You’ll be looking for a text messaging company, a mobile website builder, etc. Check out my list of recommended mobile marketing vendors as a good starting point.
  7. Get training. If your vendors have training – take it! If you would like step-by-step guidance in building your mobile marketing business, please check out my Mobile Marketing Business in a Box (my self-study program) or the Mobile Marketing Masters Group (a 6-week group class personally lead by Kim Dushinski).

Good luck with your mobile marketing business. Please let me know what you’re doing and how I can help.



  1. This is great advice! Mobile marketing IS the future of the internet and it behooves all aspiring marketers to study how best to use it.

    Thanks for the awesome post!

  2. Hi Kim
    I am so glad I have found you, what great information. I have just started in IM so a real newbee. The prospect of mobile has really caught my attention and seems more me than the norm affiliate marketing. So I just need now to research, learn and take action. I really like the sound of local business marketing, both mobile and web as I have a small Tile Contracting business ( suffering in the current climate, hence lookin at new opportunities). Such a small percentage of small businesses here in New Zealand have a website or have any online promotion at all so I think this would be a passionate area for me, and I love dealing with people. But as like anything new I have ideas but not the knowelage yet to implement it.
    Looking forward to loads of information and education.

    Thanks Dean

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