Beefy Mobile Spot

While driving my daughter to school today I heard an awesome mobile campaign on the radio. It was a commercial for beef, as in “it’s what’s for dinner.”

The 30 second spot featured Matthew McConaughey talking about beef. If you’re a guy you may not appreciate how awesome his voice sounds, but trust me, it does.

[Listen to a commercial with Matthew’s voice here Beef For Dinner Commercial. It’s not the one with the mobile call to action, but you get the idea.]

So, he’s talking about how beef would be great for dinner and I’m starting to think that it might be – after all if it’s good enough for Matthew, it’s good enough for me and my family.

Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better – you know, a hotty voice helping me figure out one of my biggest dilemmas of a typical day (“What’s for dinner?”) a voice comes on to tell me that I can go to on my mobile phone for recipes and ideas.

Sweet, now I have a perfectly valid reason for posting a photo of Matthew McConaughey on my site. This is a Mobile in the Wild moment!

Unfortunately this is where the fun ends for me. I can’t make the mobile site come up on my Palm Pre. The device detection won’t allow me to access it and there is no specific mobile link for me to click. I am stuck with the full size site on my Pre.


While my phone certainly can access that full sized site, I am not likely to stand in a grocery store and pinch and squeeze my way around the site. I want the MOBILE site!

No matter how cute Matthew is I guess I won’t be finding a beef recipe on the site.

Always put a link from your desktop site to your mobile site. You have no idea when your device detection won’t offer up the site that your visitor actually wants.


  1. Thanks for the eye candy, Kim! Wasn’t expecting that! And here’s to making the www more mobile-friendly!

  2. Thanks for the funny and informative post, Kim. That photo is a reminder to do a few more sit ups/push ups at the gym. :)

    Definitely a great idea to let listeners know you can access the URL on your phone. That truly comes down to knowing your medium.

    We’re creating more solutions for clients in marketing and advertising because SMS/Text Messaging is showing its power in direct response on billboards, radio, posters, premiums, etc.

    That said, text messaging is known by consumers that they’re using their mobile device. They don’t always know the URL they’re looking at is mobile-friendly.

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