Please feel free to contact Kim Dushinski using the email form below or using the email address shown in the graphic to the right. Both go to the exact same place – directly to Kim. If you are inquiring about me speaking at an event, please use this form instead.

kim AT mobilemarketingprofits [DOT] com

You can also reach me by phone at:
(303) 378-9362
I am on Mountain Time (GMT -6 or -7).

OK, here’s the thing about calling me. If I can answer your call when it comes in, I will. If I don’t answer, please do not leave me a voice mail. Honestly, I am horrible at returning phone calls. (No one is perfect and this is one thing at which I do not excel.) Instead, text me or send me an email. If you need to speak with me it is best to schedule an appointment for us to talk.

Another thing, I’m sure you can understand that I get a lot of calls from people who want to talk to me “about mobile marketing.” While that may seem very specific to you, it is not specific enough to me. I need to know exactly what about mobile you wish to discuss.

For the fastest answer to your question and before you reach out to schedule an appointment, please check these pages first:
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