How Mobile Alerts can Help Your Marketing

6 Ways to Provide Value with Mobile

In marketing you can push your message to your customers or you can pull them to you. Because mobile marketing is 100% permission based you have to use pull tactics with mobile.

For people to come toward you when you are marketing to them you have to make your customers’ lives better in some way for them to accept mobile marketing from you. Otherwise, they will ignore your campaigns just like they ignore anything that is irrelevant or annoying to them.

In this blog post series I will cover the 6 Ways to Provide Value to Your Customers via Mobile. Here is the second of six ways to add value:


Timely Information

If there is something that your target market needs to know in a very timely manner, when even getting it via email might be too late, this is the perfect value to provide via mobile.

An example of this could be a pricing alert (gas prices are going up in 4 hours), an availability alert (your favorite hair stylist has an opening in 3 hours or the hard-to-find item you have been waiting for is now in stock) or a combination of the above (we have open tables tonight and if you come in before 7 pm, you get a free dessert).

This could also be a readiness alert (when something you need to pick up is ready) because once you are home to check your email or retrieve your phone messages you don’t want to head back out again. Getting a text message on the way home would be ideal.

Travel alerts are a perfect example of timely knowledge. If a flight is delayed or gate is changed and you can find out about it instantly wherever you are, that is very valuable information to know immediately.

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