Mobile Marketing is Ripe with Opportunities

My 4th of July mobile marketing challenge was a huge success. People participating found mobile marketing happening and were so excited to be focusing on the opportunities in mobile. Interestingly, it seems that the opportunities are what we found the most.

My specific results for the challenge (which was to keep track of every mobile marketing encounter over the weekend) included only two text message coupons. One from Arby’s which arrived on my phone on the 4th of July. I was unable to redeem it that day since I was in a small mountain town that did not have an Arby’s. The other was my free movie coupon from Redbox which came to me on Monday morning before I left for home, so I am counting it.

So while I didn’t see tons of mobile marketing I did see lots of possibilities. Jeff Wells, a challenge participant summed it up nicely in his comment, “in my minds eye I saw a hundred missed opportunities.”

YES! That is exactly what happened to me. In this photo you see an empty Please Take One box. It was in front of a house for sale on a street with practically everyone in the town walking by during the course of the day. When I first walked by in the morning this box was filled with flyers. By mid afternoon it was empty.

Had the Realtor put up a text for info offer on the sign it would have allowed all the people who walked by in the afternoon to still get info on the house. The Please Take One box would be available continually.

The parade was another time I spotted lots of opportunities. Restaurants who had floats could have had mobile coupon offers, politicians could have been signing up volunteers via text message as they went down the street, the town itself could have been promoting foursquare checkins or getting Facebook fans for their official page.

The good news in all of this is that the opportunities are there for businesses to take advantage of mobile. And it is up to us mobile marketing entrepreneurs to get mobile into their marketing mix.

What mobile marketing did YOU see this weekend? What opportunities did you see for mobile?


  1. Thank you for the kind words.

    Of course the first offer I saw was right here on the blog

    The second was on the home page for they have a small icon with the words “Mobile Friendly Version”

    The third was a TV commercial advertising AT&T Mobility.

    The most common missed opportunity was in TV and radio ads. Pretty much all ads could include a coupon code, a text to donate offer or something.

    Right now (in July)is a great time to prepare “Back To School” campaigns, just be sure to target the right offer to the right audience at the right time.

    Soccer moms are going to be signing up at the rec center office and are going to need to replace last years gear with new sizes, they would love a coupon.

    College kids at the cafeteria or anywhere they may get bored will be receptive to finding out about the best party for the money.

    Good Luck, Everyone


  2. Hi Kim,

    Having done the typical print and media marketing in my corporate life, mobile marketing is fascinating. Thank you for the information and the opportunity to learn. I appreciate the site.


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