Mobile Marketing Makes Life Easier

People really don’t like to have advertising thrust upon them. They don’t like to feel like someone is interrupting them to push a certain message or opportunity upon them, especially if that message is not one they want to receive or the opportunity is unwanted.

Make Life Easier with MobileHowever, people DO want things to be convenient and accessible when they need them.

They want to know about things that are important to them. And they are especially grateful to anyone or any company that makes their life easier.

Making life easier for someone is one of the six ways you can provide value with mobile.

Here are a few ways you can make your customers life easier with mobile:

  • Build an easy to find mobile site that has commonly sought after stuff like your phone number, directions/map and hours right up top. Unlike your desktop site, if they need this information they need it NOW.
  • Offer a text message reminder service for your customers. If there is something your customers want to be reminded of as it relates to your products or services, set up a way for them to be reminded.
  • Provide a mobile alert system for things are extremely timely about which your customers want to know. This could be an open appointment or available seating. It could be a pricing alert or an availability alert. Anything for which email is too slow is a good match for text messaging alerts.
  • Create a mobile loyalty program. Don’t make people carry around another card in their wallet. Honestly, it is too much to ask people to do.

With mobile marketing it is so important to focus on the end user because their mobile device is so personal to them. Really anything that is sent to it or seen on it has the potential to either interrupt and annoy or provide value and delight. Focus on delighting your customers and your mobile marketing campaign can succeed beyond your expectations.


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