My 3 Wishes for the Olympics & Mobile

As I posted about on Mobile Marketing Watch, I was disappointed in the mobile-focused Superbowl commercials this year and I really hope the Olympics will step up to the mobile plate a lot better. Here are my three wishes for mobile marketing to be integrated with the great world games:

Text to Cheer
Let’s see athlete support spurred on via mobile. I’d love to see a way to vote for a favorite athlete or even cheer for someone with text messages.  NBC could use the votes to decide which athletes to give more coverage to and which ones to tease the show with. Sponsors could see who is really worth the big sponsor dollars based on their texted in cheers. As a consumer it would be so much fun and would make me feel like I was more a part of the excitement.

Athlete Bios on Mobile
The Olympics are all about the athletes and when someone is competing I love to know a little bit about them. I’d love to have access to athlete bios on the mobile sites so I can find out some fun details about my favorites.  This seems the perfect opportunity to drive a lot of traffic to a mobile site. The commercials that told viewers about this source of information would then blend in with the content of the games and cease to be interruptive.

Olympic Trivia Contests
Wouldn’t it be fun to engage with the sportscasters interactively as they share what’s going on in the competition? It would make it more interesting to listen to the sportscasters and make the games all that much more exciting. Plus if there was the added chance to win something it would be fun. Maybe anyone who guessed the right answer would get their national anthem played on their phone.

What do you hope to see during the Olympics as it relates to mobile?

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