My mobile marketing challenge to you

My dad, Jack Randall, (pictured here with me on the 4th of July 2008) actually sparked this challenge by calling me excitedly to tell me that he saw that Walgreens has mobile prescription alerts. It may not be an exact quote, but he said, “Mobile is everywhere now.”

My challenge is for you to pay attention to how many mobile marketing interactions you have during the holiday weekend.

Everything counts…

– Mobile coupons you receive and/or redeem
– Text in offers you can sign up for
– Mobile ads you see on apps or on the mobile web
– Foursquare ‘offers nearby’ when you check in

Not only will you get interesting insight into how prevalent mobile marketing is becoming, you could win a prize.

The Prize:
Everyone who comments on this blog post or writes on my Facebook page’s wall to let me know your tally will be entered in a random drawing to win a Strategic Thought Session with me or $250 off a Mobile Marketing Business in a Box.

To win you must post your tally by NOON Eastern Time on July 5th.

Worried you might forget to count?
Sign up to get two mobile message reminders
during the weekend. Simply text CHALLENGE to 67777.
Message and Data Rates Apply. US numbers only.


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Invitation to the Founders meeting of the Mobile Profits Insider (more on this below)

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  1. Kim,

    Count me in!!!!!! I’m up for the challenge and I will have my eyes open to find all the mobile marketing messages around me. I’m sure I will be pleasantly surprised by the number of businesses going mobile.

    Your Mobile Marketing Business in a Box system is just what I need to get my mobile marketing business up and going. I look forward to working with you.

  2. I see my first Mobile Offer of the weekend right here:
    Worried you might forget to count?
    Sign up to get two mobile message reminders
    during the weekend. Simply text CHALLENGE to 67777.

    That’s ONE !!! :)

  3. Hey Kim,
    Thank you for the added value your blog/ website gives people wanting to know the New rules of the road for the online world. You make everything so easy to understand which encourages us all to finally take action and prosper in these uncertain times.

    Keep up the good work, you’re awesome.

    Michelle Anton

  4. Kim,

    Count me in! Here’s my first entry: Living on the Gulf Coast, we’ve officially entered hurricane season. As a new initiative to communicate with all residents, my city (New Orleans) has initiated an emergency text message alert system. They are allowing sign up from online ( or by text message NOLA4U (665248). I signed up today, how cool!

    Desiree Young

  5. Hello Kim,

    Mobile is all around us, and is here to stay. I’m up for the challenge.

    “If you are reading this post, and have yet to take Kim’s class or have not purchased one of Kim’s Mobile Marketing System’s Courses; You are doing yourself a disservice!!!!!”

    Have a Mobile Holiday Weekend!” :-)

    Eric Carder

  6. WOW! This is so much fun already. Thanks for your comments and your enthusiasm. So glad that you’re on board.

    Enjoy the weekend and keep counting the mobile marketing encounters =:)

  7. Hi Kim,
    So delighted to see all that is going on over here on your blog – I’d love to hear an update sometime to hear about the behind the scenes highlights! Sending you many blessings this Independence Day! You go girl!

  8. Count me in! I know it’s everywhere, but hasn’t seeped into my world much yet. Keep up with the news and info!

  9. This was an interesting experiment. I had a surprisingly low tally of three. But, in my minds eye I saw a hundred missed opportunities.

    1. Jeff:

      I had only 2 myself. And, you are so right. What it prompted me to see is the missed opportunities. The good news is that it means there are ton of opportunities for mobile marketing entrepreneurs like us to sell mobile marketing!


      I was also in a small town and think it did impact my results. The two encounters I had were text alerts coming in to me.

  10. I’d have to say the search was disappointing. My travels took me to a few small towns and it was hard to find mobile references. Maybe 3-5 mobile references from a physical standpoint; I still received a lot of text alerts. That just means that I’m in tune with mobile; is it more of an urban craze than rural at this point?

  11. Yes, I was surprised by the low number of mobile marketing ads I came across. Other than two text messages, I didn’t see any on the television nor while out shopping which means the opportunities are there for us to make an impact with mobile marketing.

  12. Kim,

    I found many more sitings. During the Essence Festival ( in New Orleans, several of the sponsors featured SMS campaigns

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