Sears’ Excellent Mobile Coupon Campaign

I was walking through my living room the other day and a Sears commercial on TV caught my eye. I noticed they had a text message offer on the screen. Since I am always looking for mobile marketing campaigns “in the wild” I stopped in front of the TV long enough to memorize the keyword and short code.

That was my first indication that Sears is doing a great job with this mobile campaign. I was able to remember the keyword and the short code easily enough while I got to my phone and typed it in. This was a single key word (not two with a space) that I could remember and was relevant to the offer. CLEAN was the keyword about a carpet cleaning offer. The short code was easy too – 50101.

The other terrific thing that I noticed right away was that the text call to action was on the screen for the entire 30 seconds of the commercial. It was not a flash up at the end that was over before I could even spot it.

< This is a photo of the TV screen.

Here is a screen shot of the mobile coupon offer I received after texting in. It has the offer, a TRACKABLE call to action (notice the 1-800 number in the text message is different than what was showing on the screen), the disclaimer and the mandatory notices to keep the campaign compliant.

This is top to bottom a GREAT mobile marketing campaign! My hat’s off to Sears and their agency for creating such a smart mobile campaign. (If you know who the agency is who created this, let me know and I’ll update the post to give them credit.)


  1. Kim, not sure of the agency but I read in an article that Sears and Kmart both have incorporated IBM’s websphere for its ecommerce and mobile commerce solution. Websphere us capable of sending text messages and email messages . Which ever service Sears is using I am sure that it must be integrated with their main system that is Websphere. This article also talks the same

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