Description of Service:
If you are looking for a turn key mobile marketing business, I suggest you look at bizM3. Not only have they built an excellent multi-channel mobile marketing software platform for you to sell to clients, they also have created a sales commission program that is designed to maximize the amount of income you can earn.

bizM3 Multi-Channel Mobile Marketing Software

Most likely you are thinking about text messaging as the primary service you want to offer to your clients. After all, it is the most commonly used tool on a mobile phone besides phone calls. You’ll be happy to know that bizM3 has a kick-butt SMS / text messaging platform with all the bells and whistles at affordable starting prices. They also have enterprise level packages that will work for your biggest customers. Their per message prices are extremely reasonable too.

In addition to SMS, they have a mobile landing page creator which makes your SMS campaigns more robust and gives you another tool to sell. They have an IVR component which allows non-technical customers to interact with your clients’ business via mobile.

They have also included some very interesting ancillary services like digital signage and door hangers that you can sell to your clients as well. I’ve not seen any other mobile marketing vendor doing that.

A truly unique feature bizM3 offers is their HCMDA component. It sounds confusing, but what it does is allow a large business with multiple branches (think franchise with multiple locations or agency with multiple clients) to create campaigns in an organized, efficient manner.
bizM3 Marketing and Training Support

In case you didn’t know, you will have to help your clients market their mobile campaigns. bizM3 includes marketing cards with every campaign. This is a key component to keeping your clients happy and get their customers signing up for their mobile campaigns.

You may be wondering how you are going to learn the platform and begin making sales. bizM3 has weekly webinar training programs you can take part in to learn what you need to know. Truly, there is plenty of help available for you with bizM3.

bizM3 Sales Commission Program

As a mobile marketing business consultant you will sell mobile marketing programs to retail customers (restaurants, sports bars, salons & spas, auto dealers, etc). You will receive a sales commission for each client you sign up. On top of your initial sales commission you will receive a residual commission for your clients’ ongoing purchases.

Let’s say you sign up Joe’s Car Dealership for a text messaging campaign. You will earn a sales commission in the first month. When their campaign continues in the second month, you will earn residual income. Residual income is for the lifetime of the customer. As long as Joe’s Car Dealership continues to use bizM3, you will be paid a residual commission. Over time as your customer base grows, so will your income.

Now let’s say that you tell your friend Susie from your mastermind group about bizM3. Let’s say Susie is also a marketing consultant and she is going to sell bizM3 to her clients. She’ll make sales commission and residual income exactly like you do. Because you referred Susie to bizM3 you will get a sales commission for her signing up plus a smaller residual referral fee for her sales. As Susie’s customer base grows, so will your income.

No, this is NOT a multi-level company. The referral fees are only to the second level (in this scenario to Susie’s clients). There are no downlines. No weekly meetings. Nothing like that. Just simple sales commissions for selling to clients and referral fees for passing along the opportunity.


Recommended for:
Companies that want reliability, personal service and great prices. Especially recommended for mobile marketing entrepreneurs who are looking for a platform to sell to their clients.


Why I Like bizM3:
Their company is founded a strong set of ethics and their platform is very robust. Their services and pricing work equally well for small to medium sized businesses and corporate level businesses. They have ala carte packages that mean you can build exactly the service package you want.

If you are looking to build a mobile marketing business and are seeking a platform you can use to build your company upon, this is the one for you. They have the perfect combination of service and entrepreneurial components. (Really, you will love it.)

Bottom Line:
I highly recommend bizM3. You might like to know that they have asked me to be on their Advisory Board so I have a bit more insight into what they are doing than some other vendors. The Founders of bizM3 are smart business people and they have a world class company.

How to Find Out More about bizM3

If you are looking to find a mobile marketing platform you can sell to your clients, you should check out the bizm3 Affiliates information page. I highly suggest signing up for a live webinar even if you are going to watch the recorded one. That way you can ask questions and get immediate, direct answers from the bizM3 team.

Be sure to put my name, Kim Dushinski, on your Affiliate Membership Application in the Referring Affiliate section. Or you can sign up using these links (after you have learned more about the company)

bizM3 Associate
You can sign up as an Associate here:
This is their affiliate/referral program and will get you going with no upfront costs.

If you want to be an Affiliate AND have your own text message service package you can sign up here:

bizM3 Affiliate
Sign up as an Affiliate here.
This package gets you 3 keywords and 800 messages a month.

bizM3 Affiliate Pro
Sign up as an Affiliate Pro here.
This package gets you 5 keywords and 1000 message a month.

Private Label
Sign up for a Private Label package here.
Get a Custom Private Label package here.

NOTE: I have been asked before why bizM3 charges people to be an affiliate. They don’t. You can be an Associate and refer business to them, get your referral fees and not pay a thing. If, however, you want to be an Affiliate and have a text messaging service, you will pay a monthly fee – for the text messaging service.

If you are a retail business and are looking for a mobile marketing company to use for mobile marketing, please take a look at the bizM3 products page to see what they offer and their pricing. You can sign up using the Retail Form on that page or you can email me to discuss your options.

Visit bizM3

Full Disclosure: If you sign up for bizM3 as a Retail Client, Associate, Affiliate or Affiliate Pro I will earn a sales commission and residual referral fees. When you see the Affiliate Opportunity Webinar you will notice that I am on their Advisory Board. I also have been hired by bizM3 to create custom training for their sales representatives.

You might like to know that I only refer companies to whom I would refer a dear friend or family member if they asked. And if a company is willing to pay me a referral fee for doing so, then why shouldn’t I accept it? I do not exclusively refer to companies that pay me a commission.