New Business Model Idea

Since the first edition of my book (The Mobile Marketing Handbook) came out in early 2009, people have been asking me how to start a business in mobile marketing. Last week I discovered a new idea to add to my answer about how to do it.

Most of the thousands of people I have helped to start and build their mobile marketing businesses have done it via the local business service model – by helping businesses use mobile marketing to bring more customers in the door. I love this business model and, as my core business, continue to train and teach this aspect of building a business.

It is not for everyone though. Some people are people attracted to mobile and the concept of doing something with it, but they don’t really want to start a service-based business.

Until now, I haven’t really had anything to suggest to those folks.

Now I do.

I have severed my relationship with this company and no longer recommend it as a business idea. It was not what I originally thought it would be. I am always looking for other business opportunities in mobile and will keep you posted through my Mobile Marketing News Brief if I find something. If you think you would want to know about anything I may find, please sign up for my newsletter to the right.

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