Free Call – Mobile Marketing Biz Questions Answered

What is your biggest question about starting or growing your mobile marketing business?

I get dozens of emails and calls every week from people who are just getting started in a text messaging business or want to start doing mobile websites or mobile apps or QR Codes and are stalled at some point. They just need to get a certain piece of the puzzle figured out and then they can get moving forward again.

I decided to hold a FREE CALL to answer some of these critical questions so more mobile marketing entrepreneurs can get going in an growing their businesses. On Wednesday, April 11, I will be answering the top five questions about starting a mobile marketing business in a free, live call.

The questions are coming from a quick two-question online survey. I would love to know what your biggest question is about your mobile marketing business so please take a minute to answer it.

If you want to hear the top five questions answered, please register for the free call. It will be recorded and the recording will be sent out to the registrants of the call.

I’m so excited for this call. I hope I can answer the question that is YOUR missing puzzle piece.

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