1. Great list! And I have to say I agree with it entirely. Yeah, I don’t want to hear every detail of anyone’s life, but little bits like what they enjoyed for dinner is a great personal touch every now and then.

    I am really bad about twittering my own blog posts, and would like to know that do others twitter each and every blog post they write, and do you think it’s a good idea?

    I do it every now and then, when I have given a shout out in my blog post to somebody I think is important or write about an issue I think interests many people. But I do not tend to twitter my reviews of great tank tops I found… Should I?

  2. Thanks – as a “Twookie” (Twitter rookie), I’ve ofen wondered about some of these things. I often see Tweeple tweeting about the # of new followers and such and think that it seems somewhat odd to waste a tweet on that. I also see people who tweet constantly about every thought they are having – not in your list but maybe worth adding!!!

    Good post!

  3. Kim

    I do have a lot of followers and I follow very few people – BUT – that’s not a measure of my character (or Lack of!). It’s about using the right tools for the job. When you get above a certain number of followers – it’s just not mathematically possible

    You do point this out above. The great thing on Twitter – your only as good as your last post… and thats exactly how it should be!!

    http://seesmic.com/v/6C87sPJcYB -I talk about this a lot more in this video

  4. Excellent list Kim – nothing I disagree with. I personally tweet all the time about food, and have made a bunch of friends on Twitter who are fellow foodies and who love cooking and wine pairing. Interestingly, I was also “unfollowed” by someone who objected to my brief conversation with a rabid fan about the Red Sox. Like everywhere, you can’t please everyone!

    Being “followed” to me is a huge responsibility. I am thankful for those who trust me with their time and attention. :-)

  5. Very well said. I tend to be very skeptical about ‘the rules of twitter’ because it’s so many things to so many people and we all need to be tolerant of each other, but you’ve managed to put together an easy guide to basic manners without letting personal likes and dislikes colour what you’re saying.

    Nicely done!

  6. Hi Kim,

    Thanks for twittering about some twitter etiquette. I do turn my twitter off and on through out the day. If I left it on all the time, I’d never get anything done. Doing that I discovered some very interesting people twittering in the wee hours of the morning.

    Thanks for this great list.

    Ann Rusnak
    “The Time Diva”

  7. Great post! I found it via your tweet :)

    I especially agree that Twitter is a wonderful opportunity to talk to people that you would not normally have a chance to do any other way. I can be very shy in the beginning, and yet within a a couple of weeks on Twitter, I’ve managed to connect with amazing people from all over the world.


  8. Thanks for this. I’m still learning about twitter after having been invited by a friend. Alot still escapes me but I’ll get there. This was a great information.


  9. Ed:

    Glad you commented. I do think you are still missing the point about why I think it is important to follow people. Twitter is a tool that provides people a chance to talk and a chance to listen.

    By only asking to be followed you are suggesting that what YOU have to say is important but that what other people have to say is not.

    I’m not saying that you have to read every single tweet from a multitude of followers, but have the courtesy to at least listen in on a regular basis.

  10. Kim, thank you for shedding light into Twitter. I am also a “Twookie” (thanks Jill) and though I am still figuring my way around Twitter, I realize the huge upside for this type of informational exchange. I am interested in mobile apps that Twitter has and the global audience potential of such a program. I look forward to learning and interacting with the Twitter community. Thanks, – Eddie (@esonline)

  11. Kim, thanks so much for an enlightening post. I consider myself to be a Twitter newbie and I would definitely want to be able to use this tool to build my business and it’s really difficult to figure out what’s right and wrong in doing this! Your post really helped “clear the air” for me and gave me some good insight. I’m loving Twitter and finding some awesome information from the people I am following. Thanks so much! Carol (@caroldeckert)

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