Super Bowl 2010 Commericals – Mobile Hits & Misses

I love the Super Bowl! Well, actually I just love the snacks and the commercials, but you get the picture. This is my second annual video analyzing the mobile ads of the Super Bowl. In this video (that I edited myself and am admittedly not a professional video editor) I discuss my Favorite Mobile Commercial of the big game, two other highlight of mobile and five distinct Mobile Misses.

Enjoy and please share your comments. What did you think of the mobile commercials?


Dockers “I Wear No Pants” Super Bowl Ad

Timothy Richman – 2010 Super Bowl Ad

kgb – text for answers Super Bowl commercial

Flo TV – Live Mobile TV Super Bowl Ad 2010

Teleflora – Super Bowl Ad

Motorala SB – Megan Fox Super Bowl Ad

Boost Mobile – Super Bowl Shuffle

Denny’s – Chicken Warning Super Bowl Commercial


  1. Nice job Kim, great review. I was disappointed that mobile wasn’t integrated into more commercials. I thought for sure that we would see more use of mobile at the biggest advertising event of the year. Advertisers missed a great opportunity to extend their reach and engage the audience.

  2. Again, you bring analysis that we can all understand..yep, many of these advertisers just didn’t get it. God help ‘em!

    And who’s asleep at Denny’s–the head of marketing, obviously…That’s why I probably almost never think of having breakfast with them.

    Thanks for steering us in the right direction…our mobile campaigns are going to be even more effective because of it. I’m sure this type of insight is why you are a Mobile Woman to watch in 2010.



  3. Hey Kim, Great reviews – AGAIN! Your comments really help to clarify the subtle aspects of mobile marketing that the rest of us need to consider. Having them In the WILD really hits the point home.

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  5. It is amazing to me that advertisers just do not get it when they put out a message half of the commercials I see do not make me want to even consider the product they are marketing. sometimes I do not even know what the hell they are selling

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