What Your Customers Want via Mobile

6 Ways to Provide Value with Mobile

In marketing you can push your message to your customers or you can pull them to you. Because mobile marketing is 100% permission based you have to use pull tactics with mobile.

For people to come toward you when you are marketing to them you have to make your customers’ lives better in some way for them to accept mobile marketing from you. Otherwise, they will ignore your campaigns just like they ignore anything that is irrelevant or annoying to them.

In this blog post series I will cover the 6 Ways to Provide Value to Your Customers via Mobile. Here is the first of six ways to add value:


Location-Specific Information

location-specific-info.jpgThis is the no-brainer category of information to provide for your customers via mobile. Location-specific knowledge is the number one reason that people access the mobile web for mobile search.

They are out and about and need to know where something (in this case, your business) is located. Or they need to know something related to that: your hours, whether or not you have free parking or driving directions. Maybe they want to see a photo of what your storefront looks like so they will recognize it when they arrive. Location specific info includes anything that will help someone find your business physically or is in any way related to your location.

To provide this value, make sure you build a mobile friendly website and include all the location specific information your customers will need. Be sure to make this information very easy to find on your mobile site – maybe even put it right on the home page. After all, if they need to know where you are, it is likely they need this information in a hurry. If they have time to read more they can click into additional information.

Once you build a mobile site, be sure you have gotten your business listed in every possible local search engine / local directory that you can. Not only will you be able to be found if they search inside a local directory, but these directories also feed their data to the big search engines. It is just plain smart to be listed in these directories.

Start here with Google Local Business Center , Yahoo and JumpTap. All are free. I’ll write more about local mobile search in future postings.

Stay tuned for the other 5 ways to provide value to your customers with mobile.


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