Getting SMS Coupon Subsribers

If you have an an SMS Alert or Coupon campaign going and are wondering how to get people to subscribe to get them, follow this example by Redbox.

I’m on Redbox’s email list so I can find out what movies are coming up and to get my free Monday rentals. However, I rarely use the free Monday offer because I never have the free rental code with me when I need it – on Mondays when I am already out.

This week I got an email from them telling me about their Free Wednesday offer and the offer will be sent to me via SMS. YES! This is great. Now I will get the offer and have it with me for when I need it – Wednesdays when I am already out.

Bet I will use this offer a lot more than the ones emailed to me.

So, here’s what Redbox did right:

1) Offered me something I really want – free movies.
2) They sent me the offer via email – integrated marketing.
3) Let me sign up on the computer from a click from email – made it easy.

I hope when I go to Redbox next they have signage on the machine itself to get people to sign up via text. After all at that point they will be standing there waiting for the person in front to finish getting their movie and will have their cell phone handy.

Good job, Redbox!


  1. Though RedBox has embraced text message mobile marketing, they are sending out their text messages via SMTP email. This is not a TRUE short code program. A true short code program gives the end customer the choice to cancel the receiving of mobile messages by including the verbiage “Reply STOP to cancel or end” within every message that is sent to the customer. This action is mandated by the CANN-SPAM Act by the Federal Trade Commission and is what gives the consumer CONTROL of the experience.

    Anytime a company requires you to include the carrier (Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, etc.) when you opt in, they are not following the required guidelines of the Mobile Marketing Association ( and of a true short code program administered by the Common Short Code Administration (

    Beware and steer clear!

  2. Terry:

    You are right that SMTP is not true short codes and don’t comply with MMA best practices. Thanks for commenting.

    However, the Redbox text messages come from short code 414141 and have “Text STOP to quit” in each message I have received and also include a toll free phone number in case help is needed.

    It seems to me they are following best practices.

  3. Two comments firstly – I like the example given of a SMS campaign.

    Secondly the subsequent discussion regarding the legalities of SMS marketing was really informative.

    So thanks for the post and secondly thanks for the courage to allow such an informative discussion to evolve.

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